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News Update June 2016

You will notice most models have been removed from the store. Please dont be alarmed. We are undergoing a big change, and this is just part of the process. We have lots of exciting news, but cant share it all just now. please be patient, we will reveal all soon.


Reckon You Could Survive the Apocalypse!?

Grab yourselves a couple of squads of scavengers, strap a machine-gun to your car and join the fight for survival in the toughest city around. Sulphur is a tabletop skirmish game of warring gangs in a devastated city. Download the battle rules and the campaign rules for free - check out the ever-growing range of miniatures and vehicles at the web-store - let the end of the world begin!



Join the Ruination revolution

54mm Fantasy Gaming. You only need 2 figures and a friend to start playing our heroic fantasy combat game. Grab a free copy of the rules from our downloads page... get some of our awesome beautiful minis and get stuck in...

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Free Scenario: The Spectre of Yagan Mar

Here is our latest offering for Ruination, its a free to download scenario. New scenario specific terrain markers, and a new objective. Use the link above or download it via our downloads page.





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